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at the 17. cook hands it off to langford. he'll pick up two. >> charles: big play for ohio state defense which we noticed looked spent on the last drive. look how fast michigan state is coming back at them. >> gus: lippett trying to get lined up. he does at the top of your screen. cook over the middle. caught. first down. bennie fowler. he found a soft spot. he gains six yards. a first down. >> charles: nice call by dave warner, the offensive coordinator of michigan state. they outout tempoed ohio state and looked like they were gearing up for a big third down play. it really didn't matter what he called. they beat him to the punch by beating him by getting lined up quickly. >> gus: cook to throw it on first down. pump fake. he'll launch it in the air. incomplete. intended for bennie fowler but he actually was run out of bounds. doran grant covered. >> charles: head linesman threw his hat on the sideline which out and see where he runs out of bounds? even after the bump, they determined he could have stayed inbounds. if he had touched the ball first and made a completion, it would have b
during the 70s and beating us all the time. i think we will. >> our defense is good. and it all depends on the quarterback. extra receiver now. and you know, it is probably a low scoring game and whoever scores in the end will win it. >> sam. >> you are all bundled. >> what did i say? >> i am sorry. >> i can't seem to get it right. >> either way. you are all bundled up here. >> are you ready for a chilly day. and it is extra cold. >> the fire inside to beat the seahawks will keep me warm throughout the game. >> very well put. >> i appreciate that. >> should be a fun one here. >> there you go. >> you will get it. >> let me show you the parking lot here. >> can you see folks are filling in here. we want to remind people today. under cover police officers from the san francisco police department. they will be in seahawks gear later on today. just in case there are any issues and want to remind people. no pushing. shoving. and they don't want problems here today. >> this is live at the stick. live in san francisco, alex savidge. channel 2 news. >> should be a great game. for the update. wat
zone. >> lots of weapons, and a super bowl type defense. let's get out to joe fonzi for final thoughts with regard to this victory today. >> reporter: i think we've said this before, guys, but it really is about getting into the tournament in the first place, and then playing your best football of the year. the 49ers may be most encouraged by the fact that the arizona cardinals lost, so that gives them cushion for that playoff spot. people pointing to this game with seattle, it will be an indication here at candlestick as opposed to that tough place on the road, where they are, and where they can measure up. they can see for the third time this year, if it comes to that in the playoffs. all things encouraging for the 49ers, as they're 8-4. the strong constant is the defense. >> very much so with the defense. even through the losses that they have sustained this year. you can't really point a finger at the defense. >> they needed explosive plays. they needed to make something happen on special teams, they didn't make something happen on special teams. >> it's going to be interesting. th
. >> reporter: in her defense, the news crew parked nearby may have thrown her off. brooks said she's normally quite careful. >> make sure i push the "i'm done" button and keep an eye on surroundings because i'm not stupid. i was born here. >> reporter: it's a good idea to take out cash during the day and bring someone along with you. most importantly, don't walk away from that atm too soon. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more about shoulder surfing. in october, ktvu reported on a scam in san francisco that cost some bank of america customers thousands. police recovered $11,000 from one suspect arrested. someone closely watches you put your pin number and uses the information to make additional transactions after you leave. bank of america said it knows about the scam and is working with law enforcement on ways to deal with that problem. >>> new details now on the death of fast and furious actor paul walker. according to tmz, walker's porsche carrera gt had a mechanical failure, possibly a steering fluid leak. according to an auto shop co- owned by walker, there was a fluid trail bef
neither have made any public comments about a new chinese air defense zone. that has become a major point of friction in asia. >>> there is new information about the 85-year-old palo alto man that has been detained for more than a month in north korea. the san jose mercury news says he led a unit of gorilla fighters that inflicted heavy casualties on communist fighters. he reached out to a group before his trip and planned to meet them. and there is word this morning that former basketball star dennis rodman is heading back to north korea. rodman will make his third visit to the country on december 18th to help train the north korean basketball team for an exhibition team against former nba players in january. on his last trip in february he watched a basketball game sitting next to the north korean leader kim jong un. >>> the golden stator war -- state warriors won. and it was one of the greatest comebacks in history. steph curry just went crazy. he completed the miracle comeback with that three pointer. the warriors beat the raptors 112-103 which was amazing because the warriors were do
transaction. in her defense the news crew may have thrown her off. she normally quite careful. >> keep my eyes around because i am not stupid. >> reporter: police say it is a good idea it take out cash during the day and bring someone with you but don't walk away too soon. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >> back in october san francisco recovered $11,000 from one suspect accused of stealing from bank of america customers. law enforcements say it is shoulder surfing because they get their pin by looking over their shoulder. bank of america is working on ways to deal with the problem. >>> two men in a daring carjacking incident. two men asked to test drive a car and then pushed the salesman out of the way and jumped into the car and sped off. >>> google's sparge slated to become a floating retail store according it a report. we have new video of the construction project that treasure island. it created lot of questions when it began. now we are learning they plan to build two more barges. the hope is to dog all three in san francisco, los angeles and new york. each would be used to display goo
gets both of the sun devils touchdown and it was 28-14 at halftime. second half was more of a defensive battle. the stanford defense stopping asu on a 4th and goal play. that in the final seconds of the 3rd quarter and
weather is returning. i'll have a look at where we can expect a freeze warning by morning. . >>> defense secretary chuck hagel flies to afghanistan today. the surprise visit and part of his week-long middle east tour, this is video of defense secretary chuck hagel yesterday when he was meeting with american soldiers in bahrain. there he is. the pentagon says he is traveling to afghanistan to thank troops for their service. he does not plan to meet with afghan president karzai who is can currently in a dispute with the white house because he is refusing to sign a security agreement that would allow u.s. troops to stay in afghanistan past 2014. defense secretary chuck hagel announced that the afghan defense minister reassured him that the security deal will be signed in a timely manner. >>> a high school in illinois is making headlines for a controversial new policy that requires students to submit to random alcohol tests. the school is owfd chicago. this fall the private catholic school began weekly alcohol testing. using hair samples the tests can reveal if a student has had more than an
begin defensive procedures. >>> millions of shoppers went online on this cyber monday. sales are expected to be a huge hit this year. cyber monday sales could reach $2 billion this year, compared to 1.5 last year. check for the ssl padlock icon and using a credit card rather than a debt card to protect against thieves. >>> today is the busiest day of the year for fedex and could be the busiest day in the company's history. they expect to have moved 22 million shipments. december 9 and 16 will also be busy days. they expect to move 20 million shipments on those days. >>> in 30 minutes the contra costa county school district is scheduled to hold a meeting to address concerns about bullying, it was prompted by fight at hercules high school between three girls and a transgender student. the transgender student told officials about being bullied before the fight. the meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. >>> i told you about the drop in temperatures. how long the frigid weather could last. >> fisherman say their job is dangerous enough now a piece of safety equipment is broken. >> and a new
back. jennings averages 4.7 yards a carry but the jets have the number one rushing defense in the league so jennings a key component. he suffered a concussion thursday against dallas. he knows there is a league protocol to get back on the field. >> never been not planning to play. again, never in my life ever made that decision. so, you know, i go about business as is. >> before i was born, i didn't create myself. i am a believer. see what god says when it is time to play. >> sharks warmed up for the game in pittsburgh but the six game win streak was countered by a four goal spurt by the penguins. after a scoreless 1st period, pittsburgh rings up four goals in 7 minutes. this power-play goal. all against ante niemi. 5-1 pittsburgh in the 3rd period. >> as we reported tuesday night, the dodgers and brian wilson agrees to a one year contract, $10 million and he doesn't have to shave the beard. >> keeping getting longer. i thought his career was over. remarkable. >> that was his second tommy john surgery surgery. one okay. two a question mark. >> thank you. >>> it has been all
at 1:00 p.m. now everyone is talking about seattle's number one ranked defense and russell williams. there's also a homecoming of sorts for running back lynch. he likes to go into beast mode. lynch gained 970 yards and nine touchdowns on the ground in nine games. he scored twice in week two when seattle beat 49ers 29-3. the defense knows what they're up against. >> we know what we have with him. he's a relentless. tough, mean here we come running back. that's what we like. you know, we wouldn't have it any other way. so we're looking forward to playing with him. that's how football is supposed to be. >> rangers also go against the jets. but the hottest team, the hottest team in the afc played tonight and it wasn't denver. we'll have that game and show you one of those huh, what the moments in tonight's college games. that's next. >>> the hottest team in the afc right now are you ready, jacksonville. yes the jags have won four of their last five games including three in a row. suddenly jacksonville ever banked field is a cool place to hang out. everybody falling in love. getting enga
defensive platoon player and he will fill the role that chris young did last season. they also get josh linlum. remember when bryan wilson barked at laird. he is going to resign with the dodgers and be a set up man again. wilson came back from tommy john surgery. and sure to add more drama to the heated dodgers rivalry. 30-year-old elsbury agrees to a deal worth $153 million. elsbury led the lead with stolen bases but this is good enough as money. >>> that is sports as we see it this tuesday night. >> just what cal and stanford need. >> exactly. but what a return for the warriors. that was historic tonight. >> thank you. >>> the ktvu morning news starts at 4:30 tomorrow. it's going to be a cold one. and you'll have an updated forecast to help you get out the door. you can follow us on facebook, and the ktvu app. have a good evening everyone. what am i most afraid of? hmm, let's see. global warming. and getting a "b." the phone ringing in the middle of the night. that i'm too much of a perfectionist. honey, this isn't a job interview. oh, man. job interviews. nothing. yeah, righ
's president. one area of tension between the two nations, china's recent declaration of a new air defense zone over disputed islands in the south china sea. both the u.s. and japan have refused to recognize china's declaration. >>> it is 7:15. former santa clara county supervisor george shirikawa is scheduled to appear in court on suspicion of campaign mail fraud. he was sentenced for a year in jail for misusing public money. this afternoon, he faces an additional fell now count accused of selling illegal mailers to discredit a candidate when she ran for san jose city council in 2010. she just ran papers to file against javier campos, the man who won in 2010. the rematch will take place in the june primary for the district 5 council seat which is in san jose's east side. the illegal campaign mailers were sent to members of the vietnamese community and were designed to make her look like a communist. >>> the napa city council voted to repeal a controversial medical marijuana ordinance. three years ago, the city voted to allow a medical marijuana dispensary to open in the city. it never happened
with a hate crime. >>> later today, san fransisco defense attorney district attorney will announce the winners of the bye bye bullies contest. they started the contest last year designed to increase awareness about the painful effects of cyber bullying on students and also to encourage positive responses towards ending bullying. >>> 5:40 is the time right now. we have new information on that deadly train derailment in new york city. the big question though that still needs to be answered after sunday's tragedy in the bronx. >> i tried to, you know, chase him, and then i said it's not safe. >> and a car dealer in hayward becomes the victim of a scary crime. how one of its customers made off with a luxury vehicle. >> good morning, if you are driving on highway 4 westbound, it does look pretty good. other freeways around the bay include a look at 237, and you can see that traffic is moving along well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. >>> don't let the 50-degree temps fool you. there's a good breeze kicking up and the colder air is not here yet. it's on its way. i'll tell you when it
same mistake at this bank. in her defense, she said she was distracted by the news cruise outside the bank and is normally very cautious. >> make sure i push that i'm done button. and i keep my eyes around my surroundings. i'm not stupid. i was boesch here. [laughter] >> reporter: yesterday, around 2:30 in the afternoon, police say a woman was robbed at this bank of america on sonoma boulevard. she failed to end her atm transaction and began to walk away. that's when she noticed a man walk over to the same atm she was using. the victim realized she had not closed out the transaction. she tried to stop the man and that's when the situation turned violent. >> when she tried to interrupt that, the subject forcibly grabbed her by the neck and pinned her up against the wall. then wound up fleeing on foot. >> reporter: vallejo police say this type of crime tends to increase during the holidays especially as people are taking out a lot of cash to their -- to do their shopping. the warning, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and you make sure to end the atm transaction before yo
:15. defense secretary chuck hagel arrived in pakistan today for meetings with the prime minister and other officials. now, the pentagon says he will focus on common threats and also the stability of it neighboring afghanistan. u.s. relations with pakistan have been strained base of u.s. drone strikes and military operations along the pakistan/afghanistan border. >>> new this morning, president obama is on his way to south africa right now to attend the memorial service for nelson mandela. president obama and first lady michelleby boarded air force one about three hours ago. also on air force one for the trip to south africa and the funeral, former president george w. bush, laura bush and former secretary of state, hillary clinton. former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton will attend the memorial but they are traveling separately. the only living former u.s. president not going is george h.w. bush. his spokesman said the 89-year- old is not able to travel long distances. in south africa people continue to gather outside of mandela's house in johannesburg. the memorial will be held i
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